Red wine from the Moselle

2022 Dornfelder Dry

0.75 Liter (€9.20 / Liter)

2022 Dornfelder Off-dry

0.75 Liter (€9.20 / Liter)

2022 Regent Dry

0.75 Liter (€10.67 / Liter)

2023 Dornfelder Semi-sweet

0.75 Liter (€9.20 / Liter)

2023 Pinot Noir Dry

0.75 Liter (€10.00 / Liter)

The dark side (6 btls) wine package

4.5 Liter (€9.64 / Liter)


Red wine from the Moselle.

It took some time for red wine to become established at the Moselle. The reason for this was mainly the strong focus on white wine. This went so far that in 1933 winegrowers were even obliged by law to grow white grape varieties, which meant that red wine an the Moselle no longer existed. Only in 1986 did things change and the first red grape varieties could be grown. Since then, red wine an the Moselle has experienced rapid growth.

Red grape varieties  along the Moselle.

A few dozen red grape varieties are permitted at the Moselle, but only a few of them can really be found on a large scale. Most of the red wines at the Moselle are made from Dornfelder and Pinot Noir grapes. These two varieties cover by far the majority of the red wines produced at the Moselle. According to the 2019/2020 wine statistics, Pinot Noir alone accounts for around half of the area planted with red grape varieties in our region, at 408 hectares.

Red wine from our winery.

In our winery we focus on the grape varieties, Dornfelder, Pinot Noir and Regent. These grow optimally in our vineyards at the Moselle and are preferably matured dry. Only at Dornfelder do we also offer variants with a little more residual sugar. In general, one can say that our red wines are endowed with great fruit, do not appear too heavy and are very enjoyable to drink.

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Moselle wine directly from the winemaker

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