The winery

Our family wine estate at the Moselle.

Winery Mathy-Schanz

Our winery is located in the scenic wine village of Osann-Monzel, not far from Bernkastel-Kues. This is where the grapes are pressed after harvest, the wines are matured with a lot of experience and state of the art technology and then bottled. The grapes themselves come from a wide variety of locations, which are distributed within a radius of five kilometers around our winery and thus have extremely diversified characters which you can recognize by tasting the wines.

Experience & Innovation

We have been growing wine at the Middle Moselle for generations and just as the junior winemaker learns from the senior, his father passed the art of viticulture on. However, the transfer of knowledge also takes place the other way around, because the young winemakers are very well educated today and bring important input and even more ideas to the wine estate. For us, the combination of experience and innovation is the key to success.

"Like nails, people lose their usefulness when they start to bend."

Philosophy & Passion

It is especially important to us to be authentic and to stand fully behind what we do every day. This often starts with the planting of a vineyard, which takes 4-5 years to achieve full yields. Only if you work in the vineyard with a lot of engagement and passion during this time, you will end up with grapes and ultimately wines of high quality. The result should convince us completely, so that we can inspire other people as well.

Visit us in the winery.

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Phone: +49 (0) 6535 7140 

We would be happy to present our wines to you. For a tasting, please contact us briefly in advance. Many thanks.