Shipping costs & Info

flag-de DE-Shipping from 3 btls.
3 - 11 bottles 5,90 € Shipping costs
from 12 bottles Free shipping
flag-eu EU-Shipping from 12 btls.
12 - 18 bottles 18,90 € Shipping costs
19 - 36 bottles 37,80 € Shipping costs
37 - 54 bottles 56,70 € Shipping costs
(per 18 additional bottles) (+ 18,90 € Shipping costs)
flag-uk UK-Shipping from 18 btls.
18 bottles 25,00 € Shipping costs
36 bottles 50,00 € Shipping costs
54 bottles 75,00 € Shipping costs
(per 18 additional bottles) (+ 25,00 € Shipping costs)

Shipping units

The wine will be sent in special PTZ boxes. Those provide a particular protection for the wine bottles through a thick cardboard wall on the outside as well as cardboard layers inside the box wrapped around each bottle. An additional protection will be reached if the space of the shipping unit is fully used. If the shipping unit is full the bottles are standing tight next to each other and the risk of breakage can be minimized. Furthermore, it is more sustainable to ship full boxes and does not waste material. Thank you in advance for considering the shipping units.

Optimized shipping for full boxes: 6, 12, 15, 18, 24, 30, 36, 42 bottles.

Shipping costs to Germany

Up to 11 bottles the shipping costs to Germany are 5,90 €. Starting from 12 bottles there are no shipping costs to Germany. If you order a wine bundle, the amount of bottles inside the wine bundle counts for calculating the shipping costs. Most of our wine bundles contain 6, 12 or 18 bottles.

Shipping costs to EU & UK

The biggest shipping carton available for wine contains up to 18 bottles. If more then 18 bottles are getting ordered, a second carton is needed and shippings costs will double. This is how the table at the top works.

Payment methods

DE: Prepayment, PayPal, Invoice, Credit Card, Debit 
EU: PayPal, Credit Card