Moselle wine directly from the winery.

Here you will find Moselle wine from our own production. All the wines that you can discover in our wine shop come from our family estate at the Moselle and are made by ourselves, from the cultivation of the grapes to the bottling. With a lot of manual work and attention to detail, we work in the vineyard all year round in order to harvest the best grapes in autumn. 

Try our wine from the Moselle and put together your personal wine package. In the shop you will find white wine, red wine, sparkling wine and rosé grown as well as harvested and vinified in our winery at the Middle Moselle.

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2021 Dornfelder Off-dry

0.75 Liter (€8.67 / Liter)

2021 Riesling Hochgewächs Semidry

0.75 Liter (€9.33 / Liter)

2022 Pinot Noir Dry

0.75 Liter (€10.00 / Liter)


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The Moselle

The Moselle is our home. It rises in the Vosges in France and winds its way through Germany in numerous curves until it flows into the Rhine. After 545 km, the Moselle reaches the German corner in Koblenz, making it the second longest tributary of the Rhine. The Mosel-Saar region is home to around 120 towns and communities with almost 300,000 inhabitants.

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The viticulture

Since thousands of years, wine has been growing at the Moselle. The Moselle is known as the oldest wine region in Germany and achieves the fifth place with regard to the size. Around 3,000 winemakers make their living with Moselle wine. On average, the wineries at the Moselle cultivate roughly five hectares of land, which is relatively low compared to the German benchmark.

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The Moselle wine

Moselle wine is often put on the same level as Riesling, but the portfolio is far more diverse. Around two third of the Moselle wine area is cultivated with Riesling. In total, white wine covers 90 % of the vineyards. Besides Riesling, the white wine grapes Müller-Thurgau and Elbling are getting focused.

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How is the Moselle wine getting produced? In fact, it is a complex story which starts with planting a vineyard. After around three years, the grapes will be ready for the first harvest. Until then, it is a long way to go. There is much work to do in the vineyard to get healthy grapes. You have to take care of the plants throughout the whole year, including many work stages which support the grapes to grow healthily. After the harvest, when the grapes are picked, the work continues in the wine cellar.

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Moselle wine directly from the winemaker

Grown, harvested and bottled by us at the Middle Moselle.

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