Semi-sweet wines from the Moselle

2018 Kerner Beerenauslese

0.375 Liter (€38.67 / Liter)

2022 Findling Spätlese Fruity & sweet

0.75 Liter (€10.00 / Liter)

2022 Riesling Hochgewächs Fruity & Sweet

0.75 Liter (€9.60 / Liter)

2022 Riesling Sweet - HARMONIE

0.75 Liter (€11.87 / Liter)

2023 Dornfelder Semi-sweet

0.75 Liter (€9.20 / Liter)

2023 Kerner Spätlese Fruity & Sweet

0.75 Liter (€10.00 / Liter)

2023 Sweet Cuvée

1 Liter

2023 Weißherbst Semi-sweet

0.75 Liter (€9.60 / Liter)

Fruity & sweet (6 btls) wine package

4.125 Liter (€12.41 / Liter)

Sweet white wines (6 btls) wine package

4.5 Liter (€10.49 / Liter)


Semi-sweet wines from the Moselle.

The Moselle and semi-sweet wine absolutely belong together. In no other wine-growing region in Germany is the proportion of semi-sweet wines as high as at the Moselle. According to wine statistics for 2016/2017, more than half of all Moselle wines are semi-sweet. This corresponds to 369,000 hl of the quality wine test for a total of 686,000 hl. The semi-sweet Moselle wine has been known around the world for a long time and you keep discovering old price lists or menus where mainly semi-sweet Spätlese and Auslese from the Moselle can be found.

Definition of semi-sweet wine.

The term "semi-sweet" is regulated by law and clearly defined. Wines are classified as semi-sweet when they exceed the semidry wine threshold. This means that a wine with a residual sugar content of more than 18 g/l is to be declared as semi-sweet. The upper limit is 45 g/l. This means that the semi-sweet Moselle wines are always in this residual sugar range.

Semi-sweet wine in our winery.

In our winery, the sale of semi-sweet Moselle wine is around 20% of the range. Although, as mentioned above, the total sales at the Moselle is over 50%, there are many people among our customers who prefer a drier taste.Still, Semi-sweet Riesling or Kerner are popular and an absolute must in our portfolio.e.

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