Off-dry wines from the Moselle

2022 Dornfelder Off-dry

0.75 Liter (€9.20 / Liter)

2022 Dornfelder Rosé Off-dry

0.75 Liter (€8.67 / Liter)

2022 Riesling Off-dry - HARMONIE

0.75 Liter (€11.87 / Liter)

2023 Pinot Noir Blanc de Noir Off-dry

0.75 Liter (€9.60 / Liter)

2023 Riesling Hochgewächs Off-dry

0.75 Liter (€9.60 / Liter)

2023 Rotling Off-dry

0.75 Liter (€8.67 / Liter)

2023 Weißherbst Off-dry

0.75 Liter (€9.60 / Liter)


Off-dry wines from the Moselle.

Off-dry wine is popular at the Moselle. On more and more price lists you can find Riesling off-dry in particular. The classification has established itself as a good middle ground between semidry and sweet. Even if the term "off-dry" is repeatedly criticised because consumers would not know exactly how an off-dry wine should be classified, we cannot imagine working without the designation, as it closes a clear gap.

Definition of off-dry wine.

The designation "off-dry" is the only declaration of the flavour that is not clearly defined by law. There is room for interpretation for the winegrowers, but this often leads to questions. Off-dry wine is usually between semidry and sweet, but this is not the case all over Europe and is certainly not recognised as an official designation by the EU. Above all, the winegrowers at the Moselle coined the term "off-dry" and enforced it in 2001/2002 with the help of the court in Trier. Since then, it has been permitted to declare wines as off-dry and to place the term on the label.

Off-dry wine in our winery.

Off-dry wines have a high priority in our winery, as they make up a large part of the total sales. When we declare a wine to be off-dry, it usually has a residual sugar content of around 25 g/l. The portfolio includes white wine as well as red wine and rosé. Especially when someone drinks neither too dry nor too sweet, this flavour is a great alternative.

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