The Rivaner of our winery is dry but fruity with a good balanced acidity which is significantly lower compared to Riesling wines. In general the Rivaner varietal does not have enormous requirements on soil and climate so that we can expect a solid harvest nearly each year. Moreover, the grapes are ripe pretty soon at the beginning of the harvest season and you will get palatable wines with a soft acidity.

Another characteristic of the Rivaner are the roots of its vine stock which go very deep into the soil. At the Mosel you can find many areas with a profound soil which supports the growth of this grape variety. This dry white wine fits too almost all main courses but especially to light meat, chicken, fresh asparagus where it comes with a nice and bloomy note. All in all, our dry Rivaner is a youthful and fresh white wine from the Mosel which a dry wine enthusiast will definitely enjoy!

Weingut Mathy-Schanz GbR
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