Which kind of wine do you like? White wine, red wine or both? With this bundle you will find out. Six bottles of red wine and six bottles of white wine mixed from dry to semi-sweet. To be really sure which wine fits best to you, there are two bottles of each in the box. What we can say in advance: After the tasting you can also be delighted by all wines because it does not have to be either light or dark. Most of the time it is "Black and White". A lot of our customers and ourselves love white wine as well as red wine which makes this bundle a perfect combination. But at the end it is not just about red or white. You can also find out if you prefer more dry or sweet wines. Furthermore, there are several grape varieties combined which have all their own character and a different taste. The red wines are all made out of the Dornfelder grape which grows perfectly at the Moselle area. At the white wines, you will discover a Rivaner, a Kerner and most importantly for our wine growing area, a Riesling. When you try the wines the first time it is interesting to taste blind or you just smell on the glass and you will be surprised by the diversity of the different grapes. 

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